Erotic massage in Prague


One of the best erotic massage salons in Prague is inviting you to it’s beautiful, new areas in Prague – Vinohrady.

What do you have to do to experience outstanding erotic massage in Prague?

Check our gallery where you can see our erotic masseuses and masseurs. Select those who you like and call us or send us a message.

We are going to arrange a visit in our massage salon in Prague – Vinohrady (after reservation we’ll be happy to tell you our particular address) and particular time at what your masseuse or masseur will be looking forward to you here.

For those who don’t want to arrive to our place, we propose you to take advantage of escort massage in Prague. Just contact us with your request for masseuse and she’ll be happy to meet you at desired destination in Prague. To your home or to the hotel.

Besides common erotic massage you can select from different variations of erotic massages. Such as:

Erotic massage in Prague are well known. And not only since it is provided by one of the most beautiful girls in Czech Republic. You will simply fell in love with erotic massage in Prague. Since they give you what you can hardly find anywhere else. Fantastic erotic massage in center of Prague. While you have plenty of opportunities to experience lovely evening with lock stock and barrel.

Erotic massage in the center of Prague will be appreciated mainly by foreigners and turists. In our place, they will find everything they want. Gorgeous girls and respectable masages.

You can book a girl you like from our our masseuse gallery. Then just call us or send us a message to reserve a girl or a boy. Or, you can come to our place and pick a girl who are available in the salon at the moment.

In the massage introduction you can have a shared shower. There you can get the feel with your masseuse and the massage will be even more relaxed then.

Erotic massage begins by whole body massage when a naked masseuse will play with you.

After masseuse lays you down on tha pad, she will findle you over your neck, scapulae, on your back to your buttock. She will carry on to your thigs and via calf to your ankles. She will masage you from your head to your feet.

After that she will turn you over and massage your front side. Again, from the head, over your chest and arms up to your belly.

At this moment you’re gonne be so excited to desire the masseuse to couch you on your intimate parts. And that’s exactly what she will do. With pleasure.

She will fondle you on your groins, your penis area, on your buttocks….just everywhere you enjoy it the most.

Later, the masseuse will be focused on your penis so she brings you the most pleasure. During erotic massage she will massage your penis with one hand and with second your balls.

After previous massage and such stimulation combination your orgasm is approaching.

Have you not ever tried erotic massage yet? We’ll be so happy to see you. Just call our number and we’re gonna be looking forward to you!

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