Erotic massage for couples in Prague

A great way to enhance your relationship, strengthen your bond and discover a new erotic potential - erotic massages for couples can do not just that, but a lot more!


Erotic massage for couples – why to choose us to deliver?

  • Open nonstop, any day, any week
  • Escort service is possible
  • Attractive, experienced staff
  • Happy hours daily from 10AM to 3PM
  • Extra services for those who like to experiment
  • Individual approach
  • Gay couples are welcome too


If you feel that the spark in your relationship is not what it used to be, do not despair! There are ways to rekindle the old passion. Visit our salon and we’ll tailor a sensual experience to suit you and your partner!

Get your erotic couple massage by the true masters of the trade

You can be sure that your sensual needs will be catered to by therapists with plenty of experience and hundreds of hours of practice under their belt. Don’t hesitate to lend yourself to their care! You can be serviced by two girls, two men, or a girl / guy combination – whatever suits you most! Our staff is attractive, friendly and will make certain your experience is not lacking in any way!


If one therapist working on each of you is not enough, you can up the ante even more! Just order four therapists at once – two for each – and take your pleasure to the next level!


Choose your erotic massage for two persons from among these:


If you desire something familiar, this one is the closest to your normal physiotherapeutic procedure. Intensive, relieving deep massage, which won’t disappoint those looking for some erotic fun either!



Ancient Indian art of tantra, mixed with some modern physiotherapeutic approaches. Slow & sensual, this massage not only deeply relaxes, but also teaches sexual self-control and opens up a whole new understanding the erotic in our lives.



Basically a shortened version of the regular tantra, lingam / yoni stimulation caters exclusively to the penis / vagina and the erogenous zones. Perfect for when you’re short on time!



Nuru is known for its use of a special gel, which eases the body-to-body contact that is central to this whole procedure. Few massages manage to elicit such a great arousal as nuru does – make sure you don’t miss out on it!



If you or your partner are into this sort of thing, this one won’t disappoint. How this scenario will play out and how far you wish to take it is entirely up to you. Our staff will do its best to provide.



Choose this Hawaiian rubdown to unknot the strained muscles, get the blood pumping again and find your erotic contentment with an exotic flair.



A sexy lesbi show, bottle of champagne gratis and skilled therapist eager to show you the best our salon has to offer. If you want something extra, this is the choice to go for! This service is possible to get only within the premises of our parlour.

Wish for a couple erotic massage in the comfort of your home?

That’s no problem – our outcall massage service will see to you needs without you having to go anywhere! Just let us know in advance which date and time suits you most, and our staff will be there with a rubdown of your choice – you’re free to pick whichever you want with the exception of the Maximum massage – that one is limited to our salon only!


Enhance your couple massage – erotic services that come extra

There are many ways of making your time spent with us really count. Why not add in some extra juice to your rubdown by ordering the following services:


If you liked what you got, come again! For every third visit, a 20 % discount is waiting for you – don’t let this opportunity slip!

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