Massage for men

Feeling a bit under the weather? Are you in need of a sensual touch, do you wish to let off some pressure piling on you at work or in personal life? Then you may want a massage for men without even knowing it! Our parlour can grant you your wish, and more!

  • We're open nonstop
  • Happy hours from 10AM to 3PM
  • Discount for regular customers
  • You're free to bring your partner along
  • Escort service
  • A small refreshment is gratis

The services that we provide are not just relaxing and erotically satisfying. Indulging in them can actually be good for your health! Come try it for yourself!

Massage for men, provided by beautiful aces in their field

It's surely an every man's dream to be sensually caressed by a young, attractive girl. Luckily, girls like that are in no short supply at or parlour. And it's not just their looks that will stun you.

The skill with which they deliver every stroke of your massage, their cheerful demeanour, empathy and a genuine love of what they're doing, all combine to make them in such a high demand at all times! No visitor who's ever passed through their hands came home disappointed!



Their niche is a massage for men, and Prague is their rightful territory!

Indeed – it would be a shame if their craft were to be confined to the interior of our salon. Thanks to our outcall service, you can enjoy your sensual massages by them inside your own home (or an office / hotel room).

This service applies to the whole of Prague, and is literally at your fingertips – just dial our number or write us an email, specifying the time, place and a type of service you wish to receive. And then you can simply kick back and relax as your therapist makes her way to you!


Select an escort to save yourselves an unnecessary trip! Easy to book and requiring little effort on your part, it's the perfect option for when you're short on time!

Wonder what we have on the menu? Take a peek at the following erotic massages for men we provide

We have something for everyone here. Would you like your rubdown to veer more towards the raunchy eroticism, or do you prefer something more romantic? Perhaps what you really need is a proper rubdown to soothe your tired muscles. We have something for everyone!


  • Classical erotic

A charming, classically-styled massage of a Swedish type, but the erotic stimulation of your private part s is definitely not something your standard therapist would provide!


  • Nuru

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with some of the most refined and exciting erotic rubdowns! This body to body, slippery massage, which utilises a special seaweed gel, definitely falls into that category.


  • Tantra

Ancient Indian therapeutic art, deeply rooted in an old philosophy, made its way to the West, where it encountered some of the more modern massaging techniques. You can try the results yourself – just order a tantra and enjoy!


  • Lingam

One of the meanings of the word in Sanskrit is: penis. You can deduce what this massage will be about. This tantric-like treatment skips the rest and goes directly for the sweet spot!


  • Dominance

If you feel adventurous and would like to star in an erotically-charger roleplay with BDSM features, with you and a strict dominatrix as romantic leads, then this is it!


  • Lomi Lomi

An ancient Hawaiian technique, formerly reserved only for the clan chiefs. Known as "gentle hands", this massage relieves stress and provides an utmost relaxation. Though its Hawaiian version doesn't feature any erotic stimulation, ours most certainly does!


  • Maximum

You'll be treated like royalty if you pick this one. Two of our masseuses will make your body a canvass on which they'll showcase their art. What's more, you'll be treated to a bottle of champagne to sip and enjoy while every inch of your body gets its due!


You can more than double your delight by ordering each of our massages as a four-hand version. In the case of Maximum massage, you can even choose three therapists at once to pleasure you! Go on and try it!

Our bonus services are perfect complement to your session

As if the above mentioned wasn't enough, there's a wide range of bonus services to choose from to accompany your already wonderful penis massage! Check out for example:

  • Prostate massage. Known as the "male g-spot", the stimulation of this gland yields some very pleasurable results!
  • Lap dance. A steamy dance performance to arouse you before your rubdown starts
  • High heels. Your therapist will not only wear them, but also put them to a good use.
  • French kissing. That's right. You actually get to kiss your therapist.
  • Tenga egg. This Japanese masturbation toy can be surprisingly fun to play with!


More than just a massage – we offer companion and entertainment services too!

Maybe you've come to like one of our girls so much that you don't want to part just yet. In that case, why not hire you to accompany you? She can go to a party, dinner or a social gathering together with you, and even pose as your girlfriend in public! All for a minimum of 3 hours.

Or maybe you wish to feast your eyes on a hot lesbi show? That's possible as well! You can enjoy one in private or even with the company of your friends – how about staging a surprise party with a lesbi show to top it off? The possibilities are endless...


Every day between 10AM and 3PM, you can get a happy hour discount on the nuru and tantra rubdowns! What's more, every 3rd visit guarantees you a 20% discount on everything! Make sure to take advantage of this!

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