Erotic massage for women in Prague

Workplace stress, increasing demands, the need to juggle personal life and responsibilities – neither men nor women are spared. But while men’s search for erotic satisfaction to cool off is more or less accepted, erotic massages for women are rarely mentioned. That’s not the case with our salon. We pride ourselves in providing top notch pleasure to both sexes and invite all to try it out!


For erotic massage for women look no further than our salon

  • A romantic experience of sensual delight
  • Your individual wishes are taken into account
  • Skilled and sexy staff, both male & female
  • Beautiful atmosphere
  • Happy hours from 10AM to 3PM
  • Open 24/7
  • 20 % discount per 3 visits
  • Escort service possible
  • Utmost discretion
  • Extra services



Take off on the wings of pleasure and fantasy and leave your everyday worries far behind. Do you long for a sensually riveting adventure with a handsome stranger or a frisky nymph? Everything is possible – come on in to find out!

Select your erotic massage for ladies – you won’t regret it


A healthy rubdown, a bit like the one you might be used to from regular therapists. But this one is different… Expect relief all over your body, erogenous zones included.



Soothing, exciting, relaxing, romantic and extremely pleasurable. This procedure combines modern therapeutic techniques with the skill and wisdom of ancient Indian tantra to bring about a profound experience that will sweep you off your feet.



Based on tantra, but shorter and simpler. Yoni is a Sanskrit word for vagina, and this procedure aims to skip the rest and focus on the greatest source of pleasure of all.



You can look forward to a wild ride – both your and your therapist’s bodies will get covered in a slippery gel before a close body-to-body contact ensues. Sliding up and down, rubbing, grinding – you will be innervated, your senses heightened, your delight whipped up to orgasmic heights.



Leather and whips – your secret fantasies of dominance can become reality in our parlour. State how you wish the scenario to be played out and we’ll do our best to comply.



Imagine a sunny palm beach on Hawaii as your body is tended to by the gentle, but skilful strokes and kneads of our therapist’s hands. While the original Hawaiian procedure is bereft of erotic stimulation, we won’t deprive you of it!



Your fantasy will be sparked by an initial lesbi show, during which our masseuses showcase what they’re capable of before focusing all their skill solely on you. A bottle of champagne is also provided as a courtesy of our establishment.

You can also order the following extras together with your massage:

  • Foot job
  • Lap dance
  • High heels
  • French kissing

Each of our services comes with its perks, each one is irreplaceable. Once you try one, curiosity may prod you to try more – listen to it and do so. The rewards are beneficial to both your body and mind!


Wish for a completely female erotic massage, or would you prefer a handsome man?

Your pleasure can come from both male and female therapists, depending on your preference. Our girls are beautiful, friendly, skilled and outgoing, and the same can be said of our handsome, well-built masseurs. You can pick either, or, if you’re feeling decadent, choose two girls / guys or a girl / guy combination to tend to you simultaneously. The time spent with them is the time you’ll never forget!


Our happy ending spa for women will enchant you

You won’t find a better place for your erotic fantasies to unwind than our parlour. Inside its walls you’ll find richly equipped, clean and beautifully decorated rooms, filled with the fragrance of aromatic candles and the sounds of relaxing music that will put you at ease before your session even begins…


But of course we can deliver your happy massage for women to you directly

If you decide to opt for an outcall massage instead of a direct visit, we’ll arrange for a therapist of your choice to visit you at whichever time you see fit. No need to trudge to our salon if it’s inconvenient to you – we’ll deliver your dose of delight straight to your home or a hotel room anywhere In Prague!


Erotic women massage that don’t dent your budget

Every day between 10AM and 3PM, a discount awaits you, if you select either nuru or tantra. What’s more, for your every 3rd visit, you’ll get a 20% off of your service – don’t waste the opportunity!


Sensual, romantic, able to provide relief from stress and anxiety – our massages are all that you wish for. Get one as soon as you can!

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