Lap dance in Prague

Are you eager to push your erotic massage to a new limit? You could do so easily by ordering a lap dance to go with it!



Our lap dance may go well with any massage from our portfolio. No true connoisseur would miss an opportunity to make his pleasure more intense, more refined, and this is the way to do it! Order your sexy dance now!

Our private lap dance ladies can’t wait to show you their art

We employ friendly, beautiful and extremely skilled girls that are not only great masseuses, but, as you will see, great dancers. If you order this service, you will be amazed by the way their bodies move and tease you!


Getting a lap dance in real life is not something out of reach for you

The words “lap dance” may evoke images of sleazy strip bars in some back alleys where only the rough crowd ventures. Well, that’s just a popular culture trope. In reality, you can get your lap dance in the safety and comfort of our luxurious salon – or, thanks to our escort service, even at your home!


Sexy girls giving lap dance – performance that’s sure to arouse

This provocative technique is bound to elicit a great deal of erotic tension and arousal. Who would be left cold by a beautiful girl – either naked, or just scantily dressed – brushing and grinding against his lap repeatedly, while knowing that the best is yet to come? In this way, a lap dance serves as a sort of aphrodisiac, an exciting prelude to what will follow.


Your real life personal lap dance is not where it will end

As your lap dance will be nearing its conclusion, you can rest assured that the real fun has just began. At this point you should be nearing a point of maximum arousal, but don’t let off just yet – your massage is yet to come. Consider yourselves prepared to receive the ultimate pleasure the following moments will provide!


Between 10AM and 3PM we dish out discounts on selected massages! Why not make good use of the money you save and spice up your experience with a lap dance? Try it and you won’t be disappointed!

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