Lesbi show in Prague

Where there is an erotic massage, there are also countless ways to spice it up. One of the most popular and effective is a lesbi show!


Fancy come visual candy to delight your eyes before enjoying the full-body experience? Well then, a lesbi show is exactly what you need as an extra to your regular massage! Order it now!

Look no further than our lesbi show for a teaser to set the right mood

In terms of arousing sights, few things could match two naked, beautiful girls making out and fondling each other. We can guarantee you that your desire will gradually spike as you continue watching, and there will be no let up until the attention of our girls will turn fully to you… To smoothen everything a bit, you will be provided with a bottle of champagne as a courtesy of our establishment!


Enjoy your private lesbi show at your own terms!

Did you know that this service is not limited to our salon only? Thanks to our escort service, all you have to do is to order a massage at your home or at a hotel room anywhere in the city – and the lesbian show with it! We’re perfectly discrete, so there’s no need to worry about being compromised!


Once the girls are done with each other, it’s time for them to cater to you…

The lesbian show is just a start. Even though the girls are enjoying their mutual play, it is ultimately you who should be the centre of attention here. Once they are done with each other, there is nothing in the way of your own pleasure. At this point, you’re sure to be aroused and receptive to all that will come after. Let them show you their erotic art on your body hereafter.


Keep in mind the happy hour discount on selected massages between 10AM and 3PM. Also, for every 3rd visit, we offer 20% off on our services. Try putting some of that saved money into extra services such as lesbi show!

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