Lingam massage

Choosing a lingam massage equals choosing one of the best rubdowns you can treat yourself to as a man. This procedure is based on ancient tantric principles and aside from being insanely pleasurable, it can also boast genuine therapeutic properties.

  • Shortened tantric experience, focused primarily on stimulating the penis
  • Special “edging” technique guaranteeing hugely intensive orgasms
  • Conductive to sexual self-control
  • Helpful in improving erection
  • Relieves stress and anxiety

Far more than just a bit of erotic fun

This procedure, especially when repeated, can transform your sexual life for the better. Let us help you improve it!

Lingam massage – a gateway to the world of love and pleasure

If you think this is just about having a quick “handjob”, then you couldn’t be more mistaken. At its core, this rubdown is about fostering and maintaining a loving and caring connection between the “giver” and a “taker”, meaning of course the masseuse and you. You can think of it in terms of a small ritual, which it actually is.

The idea is to help the man embrace his masculinity, make him more sensitive to love and care and to feel his body as a one, integrated whole.

The “lingam” can be translated as the penis, although, in some contexts, it could mean the male principle – even the divine male principle. From a more spiritual point of view, this procedure can be viewed as the honouring of the male divine. But, of course, if you wish to focus purely on the corporeal, tactile side of it, nothing’s really keeping you from doing so.

Massage like lingam has to be administered professionally

And you won’t find better professionals to do so than our masseuses. Each of the girls working at our parlour has ceaselessly trained the art of an erotic massage for many hundreds, sometimes even thousands of hours. And trust us, you will feel the difference.

Still, beside their obvious mastery, you will also find these girls to be extremely funny, outgoing and friendly, not to mention gorgeous. We handpick only the best to work for us. These sexy creatures know how to satisfy a client, and absolutely love doing so.

It’s going to be a hard choice between them and you should consider your pick carefully. Keep in mind that a good rapport between the two of you is crucial for this procedure to be effective. In the case of lingam especially.

Let one of our girls take you on a tour into the realm of erotic massage pleasure!

What you learn here, you can use later to enhance your own intimate life!

Remember that there are other ways of spicing up your penis massage as well!

We get constant request from our clients who would like to try something new, something to amplify the effect of their chosen rubdown. Well, we’ve certainly got ways to satisfy you. These are the bonus services you can add to your lingam treatment…

  • Prostate massage. Prostate…the famous G-spot for men. Long considered to be taboo, this procedure requires the therapist to simulate your prostate gland through your anus. If you’re up to it, you can be rewarded with a sensation that can rival, or even exceed orgasm in its intensity.
  • Footjob. If you crave to be touched by beautiful feet on your most intimate parts, then you must absolutely pick this one.
  • Lap dance. A sultry dance, typically performed prior to the procedure itself, with the goal of increasing your arousal.
  • High heels. There are creative ways of incorporating this accessory into your massage routine. If you’d like to know how, order this extra service!
  • French kissing. Yes, for a price, you can indulge in a passionate kissing with your masseuse. A perfect addition to the already loving nature of the lingam treatment.
  • Tenga egg. This masturbatory toy can add to your delight tremendously…

Get a bit adventurous with us and don’t be afraid to try new things!

Our bonus services can completely transform your experience of the massage – but only for the better!

If you know tantra, lingam procedure may feel like a known territory…

Here is how this procedure will be administered our way:

  • Once you’re inside our salon, you will be welcomed at the reception and introduced to your masseuse. Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself and you’ll see that there’s no need to feel nervous.
  • Shower first could be our motto. Without a proper hygiene the massage won’t start. The good news is that you can hop into the shower together with your therapist as well.
  • Remember to breathe properly – our therapist will show you how.
  • Once inside the room, you will lie on a comfortable mattress and the girl will start with her magic.
  • Although the prime goal of lingam is to pleasure the penis, you can expect some basic attention to be paid to your stiff and sore muscles so as to help you properly relax.
  • After that, it’s time for the penis stimulation itself. The lingam treatment features several dozen special strokes and touches that will take you to heaven and back…
  • Afterwards, it is time to rest and relax. You will come home a changed man!

Get your lingam body massage without going anywhere!

Beside our salon, massage like lingam can be enjoyed virtually everywhere in Prague! Thanks to our escort service, our masseuse can visit you at your place, whether it’s an office, hotel room or your own home. This service, like our salon itself, is available nonstop and is easy to book via phone, email or online chat at our web.


You don’t have to bother with being stuck in traffic or with overcrowded public transport. Stay where you are and order your chosen massage as an escort!

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