Maximum Royal Massage

8 reasons why you should try our Maximum Royal Massage:



The Goal

It stands for a kind of our service during which is your body handled by 2 or 3 of our therapists. You can completely control course of the therapy by ordering treatment most suitable for your body. Two or three pairs of hands can easily handle any request you may ask for.


Special Techniques

We are speaking of a specific therapeutic style. Within this method two of our girls use mirror-like movements to touch the whole body of the client. Masseuses follow the same pattern; one of them leads the motions as an example to the other.

This is the most common technique, but there are also different ways. Both girls can pay their attention to one of your body parts, each of them taking care of a different spot. Another difference may occur in pressure and intensity as movements can be slow and gentle or energetic and strong.


In general, this therapy presents you 2 services in 1 package.

Afford yourself favorable care for standard time!



4 arguments, why is our Maximum Royal massage more beneficial than classical one

Compared to the usual approach, erotic massages done by 2 or 3 masseuses have many benefits:

  • Two/three times higher intensity

With 2-3 therapists working instead of one, the outcome a much better enjoyment of the client.

  • Synchronized movements

Each of the therapists takes care of one side of the body, at the same time in close cooperation with the other.

  • Better accommodation to client needs

Our service allows you to choose how we will treat you.

  • Confusion of the brain

Your mind won't be able to follow the movement of the hands. Therefore, it's easier to give up control.


Maximized relaxation

With 2-3 masseuses present there is much wider range of possibilities and techniques they can perform. One therapist alone can’t manage to take care of the body with the same intensity and can’t perform some of the massaging strokes.

To provide complete care of specific body part, for example any of the limbs, girls can split their massage techniques. One of them may focus on soft and slow relaxing touches; the other one ensures stronger and deeper moves…

As the name of the massage suggests, in the end of the session you can expect a happy ending. It symbolizes the grand finale of the procedure, when you reach the top of the excitement.

Find out for yourself that the happy ending is not just in a fairy tale!



Significant emotional boost

When more than two hands are involved, reaction of the brain is different – basically, the more hands touching your skin, the slower is he getting used to it. Every time reacts in a different way. A change of technique may lead to prolongation of this effect. The consequence is that every massage triggers nearly the same intense emotions as the first one.

Another thing is that the brain is incapable of predicting the movements, if there is more than one person performing them. This little confusion leads to greater excitement of your mind and body.


Custom tailored service

Before the procedure itself begins, you can give our therapists advices concerning the weaknesses of your body and your preferred massage places. You can also direct their effort during the entire session.

But if you want to just lie down and relax, don't worry. They will be able to read your expressions and adapt pressure and intensity of their touch to your feelings and needs of the organism. With changes of the massage pattern or general style, our employees can help you reduce tension or pain in every tissue including muscles and joints.

All you need is a positive mindset which allows you to fully appreciate the comfort of the therapy. It is also suitable to reserve enough time for the event, because it’s not appropriate to work right after the massage.



As you see, our therapy is able to help people with many health issues.

Improve your medical state by visiting our salon!