Nuru massage

Though Japanese in origin, nuru massage can be easily received in the Czech capital as well. This erotic massage has made its mark on the world, and for all the right reasons. Be among those receptive to its gifts!


You don’t have to travel to Japan for a bit of refined eastern eroticism. At a much cheaper price, we’ll treat you to an erotic experience like no other! Visit us and try for yourselves!

Real Japanese nuru massage counts amongst the most well-known for all the right reasons

This far-eastern erotic procedure has recently spread all across the world relatively recently, mostly thanks to the internet. Its popularity has not waned, however, and it comes as no surprise. Few massages can compete with it in terms of sheer sensual pleasure it can provide. It is, however, very demanding on the masseuse’s part, as it requires great skill and a perfect coordination of her whole body as it slides across yours with the help of the special seaweed gel. This nuru gel gave the whole procedure its name and is an integral part of it, since is smoothens the body movement while also making every touch more profound.


Body to body nuru massage place where you can get a discount

The interior of our salon is clean, richly decorated, spacious and offering utmost privacy – an ideal place to get a nuru massage. What’s more, you can get a nuru-specific discount every day between 10AM and 3PM. Don’t hesitate to get one and visit us!


Too tired, too shy or having other reasons not to visit our salon personally? Don’t despair – you can still order the full experience via our escort service. We’ll visit you in the comfort of your home – 24/7!

This Japanese slippery massage offers countless benefits for your wellbeing

Nuru is capable of providing immense sexual relief and intensive orgasms you wouldn’t think possible, that’s for sure. Perhaps less known is the fact that its benefits don’t end, but start there. As every massage should, it is also able to reinvigorate your whole body and giving it an often much needed restart. Say farewell to blocked and aching muscles once you undergo it! What’s more, most of those who underwent it reported their stress being significantly reduced, their libido spiking and their sexual self-awareness undergoing profound and positive changes that have contributed to the deep improvement of their lives, sexual or not. In short, nuru can provide you with so much more than just an intensive orgasm!


Your Asian massage HE (happy ending) is just around the corner. What to prepare for?

Don’t worry, nothing special will be required of you once you go receive one. Bring a good attitude with you – just don’t try to boost it with copious amounts of alcohol. Typically, your massage will go like this:

  • First, a shower. Hygiene is a must and we aim to keep it that way. What’s more, a nice warm shower will help you ease your mind should you feel nervous at first. If you wish, your masseuse can hop into the shower with you to “break the ice”.
  • You’ll lie on your stomach (naked, or with a towel around your hips) on a special, comfortable bed, and your masseuse will first tend to any blocked or sore shoulder and back muscles. Then, you’ll turn around and she’ll continue to massage your belly and pectoral muscles before the real fun starts.
  • Your whole body will be covered in warm and nuru gel, which will make the subsequent body to body movement so much more pleasant and sensual. Caressing, sliding and petting of every inch of your body, including intimate parts, won’t leave you unresponsive. Expect intense orgasms, far surpassing any others.
  • Everything can continue well past an orgasm – the main point of nuru is to make you feel absolutely relaxed, caressed and cared for.
  • The massage is concluded with a final shower in which you’ll easily wash away the water-soluble nuru gel and ultimately leave stress-free and with a sense of newfound energy.


Your body slide massage might prove transformative in the long run

What nuru does best is to help you overcome any possible psychological complexes and doubts concerning your sexuality or body image. The non-judgemental approach and caring touches you can expect at our salon can do exactly that and help you be more accepting of yourselves in the long run. You’re welcome!


Stress relief, almost psychotherapeutic qualities, wholesome bodily relaxation and an ultimate pleasure – there’s no downside to a nuru massage. Get yours today!

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