Nuru massage

Nuru massage are perfect variegation of your erotic life anytime during the year. But during hot summer days you will enjoy the slidy nuru massage even more since unru gell will cool you gently.

Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage Prague, during which a masseuse uses not only hands, but even whole body to provide you a pleasant erotic nuru massage.

We start the nuru massage in the way that we have a common shower. Not only it is pleasant. But we also will have possibility converge before nuru massage itself. Furthermore, it will make us wet so the massage will be more slidy.

After a mutual shower we will lay you on the pad. We will shortly fondle and massage you.

In the next step we will apply a proper amount of nuru gel on you. Nuru gel is mad from sea weed nori. Such gel has a great ability - comparing another gels it doesn’t get dry so fast. So the massage will be nicely slidy for the whole time. From the beginning to the happy ending.

During nuru gel application on your naked body, we will be touching and fondling you everywhere so we spread the gel everywhere it will make you happy.

As soon as nuru gell will be applied on you, we will start gently to massage you from your head to your feet. We begin from your trapezius muscles and continue via your shoulders, arms to your palms.

To make you leave relaxed from us, we will take care about your back muscles as well.

While lying on your stomach, we will ride your backs with our palms and will massage it by our fingertips. Then our beautiful masseuse will ride with her tummy and breast on you. At the end she will hook up her buttock. So she will sit on you - but she will support her body on her hands so it stays comfortable for you - and she begins to twist on you. By her buttock she will massage your back from the top to the bottom. Then she will ride on your buttock by hers. And to relax completly, she will massage your thigs by her buttock as well.