Prostate massage in Prague

  • An extra service to one of our erotic massages
  • Pleasurable stimulation of the so-called "male g-spot"
  • Healthy and beneficial
  • A chance to try a new erotic technique

Have you ever wondered how a prostate massage would feel like? Are you eager to try this somewhat controversial technique? Do you wish to discover a wholly new type of pleasure? If you've answered yes to all three of those questions, then you're in luck! We have exactly what you need…


Order a prostate stimulation together with one of our rubdowns and enjoy one of the biggest pleasures your body can grant you!

Prostate massage can be a real game-changer

You might have heard the rumours that a prostate massage is just a gay thing. That's not true, and paying heed to these rumours is keeping you from experiencing one of the most exciting and pleasurable erotic techniques out there. Once you've tried it, there's no way you won't be incorporating it into your intimate life afterwards. And there's no better place to introduce you to this small wonder than our parlour - come and visit us, we'll be happy to see you!


What to look forward to when ordering a prostate massage?

First – this service is not orderable as a standalone, but rather as a complement to one of our erotic massages - more on those down below. Depending on your preference, you can choose to receive a prostate stimulation either as a prelude to the whole thing, as its conclusion, or to receive it at any point throughout.

Technically, the whole procedure is really simple. The masseuse, wearing a special glove, will insert her finger into your anus until reaching your prostate gland, which she'll proceed to gently prod. It's necessary for you to be relaxed the whole time this is happening. Clenching your sphincters could make it difficult for your masseuse to access the gland.

Since prostate is considered to be the "male g-spot", you can look forward so some of the most intense delight you've ever experienced. Intensive orgasmic states, achieved without even touching the penis, are not uncommon!

A simple rules to set out first

We've already mentioned the need for you to be relaxed. The other point should be obvious – hygiene. Since the masseuse will be inserting her finger into your anus, it's necessary for you to thoroughly wash it before. Luckily, our parlour is equipped with showers, and we ask our customers to clean themselves before their session starts. But the same rule applies for our escort service – your place should have a working shower! It's not much to ask – please, bear that in mind!


Do you wish to learn more before you decide? Contact us and we'll gladly provide more information about the whole procedure!

Which rubdown would you like your extra service to go with?

These are the erotic massages we offer, each one a little miracle itself...

  • Classical erotic. Swedish-style therapy, but this time with an erotic twist.
  • Relaxing, sensual, erotic and mystical – all wrapped up in a neat package.
  • Penis stimulation, based on tantric principles.
  • Body to body slippery massage, oozing with raw erotic power.
  • Exciting scenario, incorporating many BDSM elements.
  • Lomi Lomi. Hawaiian "gentle hands" technique for achieving peak relaxation.
  • Maximum Royal – A four hand treatment, worthy of a king!

Besides prostate stimulation, there are other extra services we can provide

And not just that, they're all freely combinable as well! You can have them all at once, if you want! These are:

  • Foot job
  • Lap dance
  • High heels
  • French kissing
  • Tenga egg


Too tired or short or time to visit us? Don't forget we run an outcall service 24/7! Just give us a call and we'll come to you!

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