Prostate massage

You probably haven’t heard about prostate massage so far. For some of you it might sound strange. And, of course, there are people who just love prostate massage. Those are our regular clients.

If you haven’t tried a prostate massage so far, we’ll try to introduce it to you.

Prostate massage is just for gays or homosexuals

It is one of the main reasons why many people refuses prostate massage. They consider it to be a privilege of homosexuals. But this is not true.

The reason why prostate massage is so pleasant is that in area of prostate and anus there are plenty of nerve endings.

Prostate massage from professional massauses

In our massage salon we have experienced masseuses who knows where to touch. So if you still hesitate (and you are missing the pleasure you haven’t experienced yet), just visit us.

At the beginning a masseuse will play with you a bit. She will fond you all over your body and touch your intimate body parts.

During the prostate massage there can’t be skimped with a lubricating gel. That’s why a masseuse will apply a lot of gel there where you need it.

She will apply the gel over your anus and starts to slowly massage a place between your balls and anal.

A while later she will slip her finger into your anus. With another hand she will massage your penis.

It is normal that during a prostate massage a drop will flow from your penis. Since prostate contains a seminal fluid.

Sometimes there happens that you experience an orgasm during the massage without touching your penis. It is absolutely new experience which you’re missing in case you haven’t experienced erotic massage so far. The combination of penis and prostate massage simultaneously you’re gonna experience the most awesome orgasm ever!

If you still hesitate, book a prostate massage in Prague in our place. Don’t regret what you have done in your life. Regret things you haven’t done. We promise you won’t regret our prostate massage! Also, this special massage can be a part of erotic massage Prague.