Tantra massages in Prague

To get genuine tantra massages, you should visit our salon where we’ll make sure you’re able to experience it in full. Tantra is one of the most unique erotic massages that combines both old Indian traditions with some of the more modern ideas and techniques to achieve the best effects. In the end, it is capable to reward you with multiple positive benefits that transcend the immediate erotic release.



What are tantra massages about?

They are far more than just a simple erotic stimulation, which might be even tangential to their true purpose. At its core, tantra is about harmony, compassion and care being given and accepted. It is a deeply intimate encounter between human beings that has the potential to transform you for the better. However, the erotic impact is in no way diminished, on the contrary – expect powerful climaxes that leave you speechless.

Stress is slowly killing you. Tantra, on the other hand, kills stress. Try this exotic procedure yourself! We’ll make sure you get a massage of your life

Get the best tantric massages provided by our professionals

Mutual “spark” is a must for this procedure to be smooth. Guaranteed, sparks will fly once you get acquainted with the boys and girls that work at our place. Funny, chatty, outgoing and masters of their craft – they will make you feel both at ease and aroused. Pick the one you like the most and you’re good to go!


If you’re looking for some extra massages, tantra won’t disappoint you

It is a massage that is good for both body and mind. Not an inch of your body won’t be uncared for. Erogenous zones are very important, and you can be sure they will be tended to properly, resulting in intense climaxes you never thought possible. But great orgasm is just a fragment of the positive impact that tantra has. Expect a full body relaxation, making sore muscles and joints a thing of the past. What’s more, the feeling of utmost and unconditional care given to you throughout the whole procedure is reported to positively impact the psyche. It may potentially improve your attitude towards your own sexuality and body and fill you with a newfound energy and purpose!


What to expect after entering our Czech tantra salon?

Before the procedure itself, a shower or bath awaits you. Relax and let your worries drift away together with the warm water. After that, all you have to do is to lie on a comfortable bed and let our professional start the massage. You can expect to be fondled and touched all over your body, sometimes with the help of special tools, like feathers and other objects that will spark your senses. You’ll feel the erotic energy building up inside you. You may even enter a trance-like state – don’t worry and go with the flow. As the massage progresses, you may even get orgasms lasting for whole minutes! When the time is up, you’ll take another shower and leave us charged with a newfound energy and self-acceptance.


Make sure you visit us between 10AM and 3PM. You can get a hefty discount during these hours on tantra specifically! Don’t let this opportunity go to waste!


Experience a shortened tantra body massage

We live in busy times, so it’s no wonder you might be short on time to receive a full body tantra. If that’s the case, we are able to provide you with its simplified version. The so called lingam and yoni procedures focus almost exclusively on the male and female genitalia. While perhaps less powerfull than the full tantra, the immediate pleasure is in no way diminished.


Fancy a tantric stimulation at your own home?

Though our salon might be the perfect background to receive a massage, you can still choose to get one in the comfort of your home. Don’t hesitate to ask for an escort service, select your masseuse or masseur, and wait for us to confirm their availability and you can get a complete experience at your own home or at other place in Prague that you choose!


Did you know of our four hand offer? You can choose to be massaged not by one, but two girls or guys, thus increasing your delight! Why not give it a try?