Tantra massage

Tantra massage (aka tantric massage) in a kind of erotic massage Prague. It is also focused on your physical pleasure. But it contains something more.

Tantra massage is based on Tao from east Asia.

Tantra massage primarily isn’t used for ejaculation. It is mainly about work with sexual energy, with what masseuse or masseur works.

Tantric massage is here for relaxation of your whole body. When body healing is tightly linked to it. Since body can heal itself in case it has appropriate conditions. And peace during the massage definitely belongs to it.

Tantra massage is suitable for anybody. Even for man who has erection failures. The reason is simple. Tantric massage is not about sex as you know it. It is about discovering yourself. So the concerned person doesn’t havo to be worried about any failure. Tantra massage is here just for you. You are here to receive. To masseuse take care of you. So enjoy it and focus on everything pleasant. On your delight.

How does tantra massage starts?

Tantric massage begins by washing yourself. So shower or bath is waiting for you.

During the whole tantric massage you will be accompanied by a pleasant, relaxing music which will relax your senses and prepare your body for oncomming relaxation in form of tantra massage.

During massage itself a masseuse will fondle you not only by hands, but even by towels and feathers.

She will fondle you with it from head to your feet. You will meet new dimension od perception of the surrounding world. You are gonna feel almost magic in the touches.

During the massage, a masseuse will nicely cuddling and hugging you. You will feel fearless, taken care of and loved.

Tantric massage will give you inner power, balance and will charge you with a positive energy.