Tantra spa in Prague

Our tantra spa might be just the perfect place to experience the exotic and erotic massage with a very old tradition. Don’t be shy to try it and benefit from the many positives that the whole procedure provides.



Inside our tantra spa, you can find more than just a pleasure

For the tantric experience to achieve its true potential, it must provide you with more than just the immediate erotic relief, however important it may be. The purpose of tantra is also to let you feel an intimate human connection, to bathe you in unconditional love and care and cleanse you of negative thought patterns and feelings.

Between 10AM and 3PM the so called Happy hours are in place – you can get a special discount on your tantra massage. Take advantage of this!

Stimulation of just yoni & lingam? Spa like ours can provide…

We know some people are always busy, always working and always on the move. While we can’t advise this lifestyle, we can present a short-term solution for those who don’t have enough time for a full-body tantric massage. We can offer a simplified tantric stimulation of male and female genitalia (lingam and yoni are ancient Hindu symbols which could signify the penis and the vagina). While not providing such a wholesome experience like the full massage, their immediate erotic effects are just as powerful.  


Visit our salon – massages of lingam will give you a new lease of life

The demands of current society put a lot of people under a great strain. The pressure to be perfect, to always perform well is often too great. The results are stress, depression, feeling of being burned out, loss of meaning. While we can’t offer a magic cure, a good erotic massage is proven to alleviate stress and negative thoughts, making you feel better about yourselves. Even if you can’t get the complete tantric treatment, a simple lingam or yoni massage may work wonders. When it’s over, you will feel waves of new energy washing over you. With the newfound strength, you will be ready to tackle life’s problems head on!


Don’t forget – you don’t have to visit us directly to receive either full tantra, or the shortened lingam & yoni procedures. Pick a phone or write us an email to arrange an escort to your home, hotel room or any place in Prague comfortable enough to receive a massage – 24/7!

At our spa, lingam and the whole body is taken care of

Do not limit yourselves, however, to a simple lingam or yoni procedures. If you have a bit more time, try a full tantra! Much more than genital stimulation, this gentle procedure will tend to every part of your body, guaranteeing a more intense overall effect.


What to expect from this massage?

As was said before, tantra requires a mutual human connection, so select a masseuse or masseur whom you like the most. After you’ve made your pick, you will be asked to shower before the procedure. During the massage proper, your whole body will be stimulated, alternatively using either the hands or soft objects, such as feathers, to galvanize your every nerve. Special techniques will increase your arousal and then skilfully delay erotic climax, slowly charging you with sexual energy. Everything can culminate in prolonged orgasms, or you can even choose to keep the gathered energy for yourself to boost you afterwards!


What comes next after the massage?

After you take a second shower and bid us farewell, you will most certainly feel immediately reinvigorated. But the genuine love and care people received during this massage carries with them and could even have transformative effects. These include helping them accept their own body, regain confidence, improve their libido, decrease stress levels and much more! 


Did you know you can more than double the pleasure from each of our massages by ordering them as a “four hand” variant? Two masseuses working on your body in harmony and intensifying your delight sounds like a dream – make it come true!

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